So, you’ve decided on an itinerary and you’re ready to book. Good for you, you’re a step closer to a great trip!

We process tour payments via the form below. If you prefer to pay by Wire/Bank Transfer, please contact your travel consultant and you’ll be provided the relevant details.

Once you’ve completed the form below, click “Make Payment” and pop-up window will appear. (If you have a pop-up blocker enabled on your browser, please disable it for this page.) Note the “closed lock” icon next to the address bar and “https” prefix next to the page URL indicating that the connection to the site is secure. Our partners utilize 256-bit encryption for all transactions, ensuring your personal details are safe.

Before making payment, please inform your bank you will be making a transaction to our bank located in Spain. Most banks block international transactions as a matter of course.

Please enter the details as prompted and proceed with the payment amount indicated by your travel consultant. If making payment for more than 1 person, be sure you’ve calculated correctly the total amount for all travellers.

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll see a message confirming payment success. We usually receive payment within 24hrs after which time your travel consultant will send your receipt.

Your trip reservations usually take up to 7 days to complete (though in some cases it may take longer such as when booking travel a year or more in advance). Your travel consultant will then send you your Confirmed Itinerary including the names of all accommodations where you will be staying and the details for included flights and train journeys.