Maras and Moray Excursion

This tour visits some of the lesser-visited Sacred Valley attractions: the archaeological site of Maras and the salt pans of Moray. The tour is conducted as a half-day excursion.

We begin by meeting our guide at the hotel and driving to the western part of the Sacred Valley. Located off the road from Cusco to Ollantaytambo, the circular terraces of Moray are carved into a natural basin which remains one of the most striking sights in the Andes.

Moray is considered to have been an Inka agricultural center where crops were tested prior to large-scale planting. Grains and produce were grown along the various terraces presumably to test irrigation systems and the effects of altitude. Moray is appreciated from above in overview while later we descend the stone stairs into the terraces themselves for a better look.

The saltpans of Maras preserve a method of salt-extraction which has been in use since pre-Colombian times. Spring water cascading down the hill slopes is trapped in man-made pools where the water evaporates to reveal the salt within. The brilliant white salt is contrasted by the colorful rectangular pans staggered down the mountain.

The tour finishes upon arrival at our hotel.