Packing for your trip to Peru

Everything You Need to Know About the Climate of Peru and Packing for Your Trip to Peru.

You have already booked your trip to Peru, one of the most fascinating countries in South America, combining a rich cultural heritage with impressive landscapes, incredible gastronomy and unforgettable Machu Picchu.

Below, find our recommendations for packing to your trip to Peru.

Packing for your trip according to the regions you will visit:

Lima & Pacific Coast

The Peruvian Capital is located on the Pacific Coast and enjoys an inclement period from April to November, being mostly overcast with an average of 15-18°C / 59-64°F. For this climate it is important to wear layers and waterproof jackets, as it may be drizzly. During the summer season, from December to March, the average is 25°C / 77°F and we recommend you wear summer clothes.

Cusco, Arequipa & Lake Titicaca

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, dry season or rainy season, the Andean region have unpredictable weather conditions. And even if it is sunny during the day, the nights are cold (5°C / 41°F or less) and the wind can be cold. Therefore, it is important to wear several layers of clothing. In addition, it is good to be prepared for altitude sickness, before arriving. You will need mountain equipment for your hiking trails, especially adequate trekking boots.

Amazon Jungle: Tambopata & Manu

Even in hot weather, light jeans or trekking pants, as well as a long sleeved shirt, help protect you from the sun and mosquitoes that are present throughout the day. You can swim in the Amazon or in the lodge pool, so beachwear is perfect. Finally, ask your guide every day, before leaving, if s/he thinks it will rain, so you can bring the necessary clothes. There is no mandatory vaccine for travel to Peru, although a Yellow Fever vaccine is highly recommended before visiting areas of the Amazon rain forest.

Luggage Allowances

Flight Luggage Allowances

Please be aware that there may be a significant difference between the luggage allowances for your international flights and for your domestic flights.

Please check your airline website for up to date information before departure to avoid unexpected surcharges at the airport.

Domestic flights in Peru permit 2 pieces of checked luggage up to 20kg total. It is important that when packing for your trip you include only the necessities.

Jungle Programmes

All jungle lodges are reached by motorized canoe. These have a baggage limit of 10kg / 22lb per person. Excess baggage can be safely left with the jungle lodge office at Puerto Maldonado airport. We advise you arrange your baggage in advance into that which you will take to the jungle and that which you will leave at the office. This ensures that there’s no delay to the canoe departure for the jungle lodge.

Packing for your trip to the Amazon: Suggested list of items for your Amazon stay:

  • Rain gear (a plastic poncho is ideal – although these will be provided by the lodge as well)
  • A torch plus spare batteries
  • Binoculars
  • Mosquito repellent (minimum 20% DEET)
  • Sunscreen (high SPF)
  • Long-sleeved and light-coloured shirts and trousers (mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours)
  • Comfortable sturdy walking shoes (rubber boots are provided by the lodge if conditions are very muddy)
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate (not currently mandatory but recommended)
  • A fleece or windproof jacket as it can get chilly at night and on the boat trips (particularly between May and September when cold fronts move through the Amazon)
  • Several pairs of socks and t-shirts

It is possible to buy essential items at the lodge (sun cream, insect repellent etc.) but this should not be relied upon as supply deliveries are irregular.

Train Luggage Allowances

Please take note that Peru Rail imposes luggage limitations for the train to Aguas Calientes.

Please be advised that the maximum luggage allowance is 5kg / 11lbs. measuring no more than 157cm / 62 in (height, length or width) per passenger. We advise that you leave main luggage in storage at your hotel in Cuzco and travel with an overnight bag to Machu Picchu.

Packing for your trip: Other Items

In case you are packing a repellent, sun block and shampoos, make sure that you are using small bottles to abide by airline restrictions. These can also be bought during your trip so it’s better not to pack large quantities.

  • Travel Insurance
  • Mobile Phone or Camera and pen-drive
  • A credit card to get money and cash to exchange for the local currency. Make sure to bring with you US Dollars which are in very good condition (not torn) as you will be not be able to exchange them. Changing Traveller’s Cheques can be time consuming.
  • Your passport as well as a photocopy/scan thereof
  • A first aid kit is essential for any trip, and in the case of Peru, it must include sunscreen, a powerful mosquito repellent (such as Relec Extra Strong), pain relievers (such as aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen), medications for stomach upsets. We recommend consulting your local GP regarding altitude sickness medications. If you have any allergies or take regular medications, be sure to bring sufficient in the case they are unavailable locally.
  • Mountain equipment for ascents to the highest peaks if you are planning a trek.
  • Warm clothes for high-altitude hiking
  • A type A / B electrical adapter (The electric current in Peru is 220v)
  • Sun glasses and a hat

Check the Weather in Peru.